“They are amazing. You captured more really touching moments than we could ever have imagined. We are completely stoked by how they turned out!” – Chelsea and Ben

“Without a doubt these were the best pictures of a wedding that we have seen in a long time. You captured moments that had so much emotion in them and you really captured so many different angles. You are truly a talented photographer!” – Molly and Doug

“The wedding pictures are WONDERFUL!! Tim and I so enjoyed looking through your fine work, and thinking about our special day – it brought it all back! Thanks so much for being an important part of the day, and capturing all the important moments!” – Tim and Cara



These pictures are amazing! We both really enjoyed having you do our pictures and will definitely recommend you to friends and family.Tom & Reba

Aaron and I are VERY happy to have found you to photograph our wedding. Even a year plus after the fact, we continually go back to our pictures, and I anticipate that they will continue to bring us much joy!Sharon and Aaron

I particularly like how they don’t look uncomfortable and posed; they all look so nice and natural, just how it was. We both feel very fortunate to have had a photographer that caught all the angles and emotions of the day.Jamie and Ben